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At the onset of our rock construction development in 1995, we often used old concrete plates from GDR apartment construction for bearing frames. Sensible though reuse of concrete elements is, it still limits free design of the rock formations. Now, we are mainly using slim, self-stiffening shotcrete shells for reasons of cost-optimisation and creative design. Natural surface design includes sufficiently formed and sized grip and step elements, since plastics grips would interfere with the natural overall impression and reduce the exploration experience while climbing. Furthermore, they increase maintenance effort. Therefore, we recommend that coloured plastics grips only be installed in specific exceptions, e.g. for competition walls. DIN 12572 "Artificial climbing structures" is observed from plan to implementation. TÜV-consulting and TÜV-approval are matters of course. Plans and measurements can be assumed by our long-term partners.

In addition to physical exercise, flexibility, coordination, dexterity and memory are challenged. Climbing is an individual sports, as well as a team and group sports at the same time. Social contacts are promoted as well as independence and own initiative.

Climbing and mountaineering are very closely linked with many human values such as thirst for action, ambition, Move the mouse over the image for further pictures. creativity, self-control and consideration. Teens participating in climbing sports also have the best of prerequisites for becoming good people.

Climbing is a popular sports at the moment. Kids love climbing because it is exciting; it requires and improves a great number of physical, mental and social skills. The fight against one's own weight leads to a original feeling of pride and self-esteem.

Kletterwnde in die Ballungszentren

At the same rate as climbing turns into a mass sports, environmental associations more and more often demand that certain rocks or whole climbing ranges be closed.

To stop this development, large residential areas should get their own attractive climbing objects. (Renowned environmentalists have long been advertising this idea.) As shown by a number of artificial climbing structures, several positive effects result:

Climbing rocks:

  • are great fun, say the children
  • look nice, say the people
  • are unbreakable, say the vandals
  • don't burn, say the fire-fighters
  • don't create any new work, says the caretaker
  • are safe for playing on, says TÜV
  • can be built from concrete from torn-down buildings, say urban developers
  • Leisure-time fun - No power for drugs!
  • Popular sports - Climbing for everyone
  • Training - Climbing courses and trainer classes
  • Short distances - Climbing fun right at home
  • Family sports - Peaks for young and old
  • Contact - Climbing connects
  • Trend sports - Climbing grows popular
  • Environmental protection - Protecting the environment and nature
  • No violence - Prevention of right-wing violence
  • Competition - Who is best?

Rock-climbing children become great people!

  • Courage
  • Stamina
  • Dexterity
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Self-confidence
  • Team spirit
  • Independence
  • Nature-consciousness