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Zukunftspreisträger 2012 stehen fest

Welcome to the website of Jens Brand Felsenbau - built a rock. We want to introduce the beautiful and powerful climbing sports to as many children as possible.

Felsenbau Team

Our proven Felsenbau Team consists of specialists contributing to successful rock building projects with their various competences.
  • Construction engineering knowledge
  • Construction crafts competence
  • Artistic, plastic design
  • Experience in and references for the areas of concrete technology and concrete renovation
  • Industrial engineering training
  • Climbing passion and trainer licence for rock climbing
  • Adventure paedagogics training and experience in children and youth work


Children experience basic desires in a playful manner:
  • Adventure
  • Nature
  • Community
Their motor skills are trained as well as valuable characteristics such as:
  • Courage
  • Stamina
  • Trust
  • Self-confidence
  • Team spirit