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Zukunftspreisträger 2012 stehen fest

Unsere Firma

Our company Jens Brand Felsenbau specialises in the manufacture of artificial concrete rocks. We specialise in climbing rocks as close to nature as possible.

As passionate climbers, construction specialists, creative designers and adventure pedagogues, we made reacted to the lack of climbing objects in our Lausitz home region by building our own climbing tower. The prototype became a market hit. For more than 15 years, we have been building artificial rock and becoming better and better.

In addition to natural looks, we want to create long-lived products, playing value and products fitting the respective building situation.

Shaped and processed properly, concrete is very similar to natural sand stone. These stony formations are not as UV-sensitive as plastics, do not rot as easily as wood, are absolutely vandalism-proof and require low maintenance.

Whether sports climbing rocks, boulder rocks, playground climbing rocks, sculptures, slope and path design, water games, erratic blocks – we give concrete a pleasant appearance.

For project processing, we would like to not only cooperate with architects, structural engineers, designers, GaLa construction companies, builders and safety specialists, but also integrate the users – children and teens. Contribution projects from planning to performance are sometimes demanding, but lead to sustainable results with their human interactions.

Children need adventurous contact to nature. Climbing rocks, combined with other playing devices, are perfectly suitable for meeting these desires in an urban area. They improve not just motor skills, but also self-confidence and a sense for community.

We regularly offer climbing workshops and nature experience courses for schools and children's facilities from our region.